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Month: November 2015

Why you WANT a bad grade from traffic engineers

More Level of Service? Yup. It’s an important topic for people to understand.

File this under “know your rights”.

Level of Service is a way transportation planners and engineers decide if a street is big enough for speeding cars. It’s actually a terrific model for measuring speed. Level of Service A means speedy car traffic and terrifying walking conditions.

The Level of Service grades are NOT like school grades! That’s tricky, I know. It’s quite intentional. The creators had highways in mind and they WANTED you to compare the grades to what you expect in school.

But there’s hope. You DO NOT NEED to be stuck with Level of Service metrics. The big authorities — US Dept of Transportation and AASHTO — say that urbanized areas should be designed for grades of D and E.

Remember this: the Level of Service grades are NOT like school grades!

How to Get Away with Murder: Chapter 1, Level of Service

Level of Service is one of the many tools that professionals destroy life and property. It’s an engineering tool that measures car delay at intersections. If you wait a few seconds at a red light, that’s considered fine. If you have to wait a minute, then that means the taxpayers need to fork over millions to build additional lanes.

Level of Service is a ridiculous way to measure the success of a street. It does not consider the safety and comfort of anyone outside of an automobile.

If a street is deadly to walk across but has very little congestion? That’s a successful street! (According to the experts, not people with common sense.)

You need to fight against Level of Service. It’s destroying communities.