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Walk Lobby TV Posts

Increasing the Clear Zone is dangerous

The Clear Zone. A mysterious term used to wreak havoc on many neighborhood streets. Like so many other civil engineering issues, the excuse is “this will help most people”.

Expanding the clear zone for motorists is usually bad news. Watch the video to learn more.

Engineers COULD BE conservative

Walky walk walkable, blah blah blah.

Modern traffic engineering doesn’t care about your safety. If the industry was truly interested in protecting you from danger, modern American streets would be COMPLETELY different.

Streets wouldn’t be engineered for high-speed motoring. Instead, they’d be designed for the user experience. Narrow streets, calm traffic…civility.

Engineers are NOT conservative

Who are the most conservative people on the planet? Engineers, of course. Wrong!

Common definition of a conservative traffic engineer: Careful to design what’s necessary for people, cautious, caretaker of public health and safety, wouldn’t waste your money on junk food at the theater concession stand.

Real American traffic engineer: careful to design according to the rules set by the auto industry, careful to obey computer simulations rather than real life experience, careful to blow your tax dollars at the first opportunity.